Float Zone Silicon

The Float Zone (FZ) Method produces a highly pure form of silicon.

The purity of the material allows for lower defect concentrations and higher resistivity levels and it is useful in high-power devices, detectors and solar applications.

SQI offers the very best Float Zone material commercially available, not made from CZ re- melts but from high-quality polysilicon, thus allowing for resistivity’s in excess of 10k ohm–cm.

SQI is the exclusive US distributor for the Topsil group, bringing world-class Float Zone silicon to the American market since 2004.

Available in various specifications and Diameters up to 200mm:

Neutron Transmutation Doped (NTD) Float Zone silicon:
The lowest resistivity variation of any crystalline silicon product on the market. NTD silicon products in the widest range of resistivities ranging from 5 Ωcm to 4000 Ωcm.

Preferred Float Zone (PFZ) silicon:
Preferred monocrystalline silicon has the lowest resistivity variations of the in-situ doped float zone products available and the dopant distribution is tightly controlled throughout the length of the monocrystalline rod.

Photo Voltaic Float Zone (PV-FZ™) monocrystalline silicon:
The PV-FZ™ silicon is available as n-type and p-type products, bulk resistivity targets in the range of 0.5-30 Ωcm, and diameters up to 150mm.

Uniform float zone based high purity silicon substrate (UHPS):
Tight resistivity tolerance performing up to unprecedented level. The substrate targets high resolution x-ray, particle and optical detectors. Available in 100mm and 150mm diameters.

High purity monocrystalline silicon (HPS):
HPS material is characterised by excellent resistivity control and ultra high purity for
optoelectronics devices.

High resistivity float zone silicon (HiRes™):
It is a good candidate for a GHz IC substrate; that is a substrate for monolithic integration of digital, analog and interface functions on a single chip. It has low oxygen levels and bulk resistivities approaching 70kΩcm.

High transmission (HiTran™) silicon:
High quality IR applications and instrumentation. Due to its high purity, it has unique transmission performance across most of the infrared band, including the far infrared region. Transmission starts at 1.2 μm. Up to 7.0 μm there are no bulk properties limiting the transmission.

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