High Quality Materials for Durable Products 

SQI provides specialized products to some of the largest companies in the semiconductor manufacturing industry.


CZ Silicon Wafers

The Czochralski (CZ) Method is the most common way to grow silicon ingots.
SQI offers prime- and test grade CZ Silicon in a wide range of standard and custom parameters.


Float Zone Silicon

The Float Zone (FZ) Method produces a highly pure form of silicon.
SQI offers the very best Float Zone material commercially available, not made from CZ re-melts but from high-quality polysilicon, thus allowing for resistivity’s in excess of 10k ohm –cm.



SOI is a technology that bonds an active wafers to a handle wafer with an oxide layer in between.
SQI offers a wide range of SOI products, suitable for a variety of applications.


Silicon Carbide

Silicon carbide (SiC) is a material used in diodes, transistors and some LED applications. SQI’s exclusive supplier of silicon carbide wafers and ingots provides top-quality material.


Other Materials

SQI offers a wide range of other semiconductor substrates and wafers.

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