Wafer Reclaim

SQI provides wafer reclaim services.  Wafers are stripped of all films & and metals. Then polished and cleaned to bring them back to test grade.  This is an excellent service to save costs and reuse wafers. Wafers of all sizes 1 inch to 8 inch and materials from Silicon, Silicon Carbide, Sapphire and Quartz. 

SQI offers wafer reclaim services that include….

      • Sorting to ensure conformance to final specification
      • Metal and other film removal
      • Polishing to prime or test spec
      • Laser marking for tracking purposes
      • Additional processing as specified
      • Reclaim custom materials – CZ, FZ, SiC, Quartz, Sapphire

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*Remove Films & Metals then Clean & Polish.


*SQI Wafer Reclaim Services


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