Thin Films & Metal Sputtering

SQI has Wafer Special Services includes depositing thin films & metal sputtering to customer specifications. 

FILMS: OXIDE (Any Thickness), Nitride, EPI

METAL SPUTTERING: Tantalum, Aluminum, Platinum.  Call for additional metals.

Special Services is available on any wafer diameter from 1 inch to 8 inch and on any shape. 

SQI offers a variety of thin film capabilities for prototyping through volume manufacture:

      • Dry oxide, wet oxide or combined processing for improved dielectric strength
        • Specialty thick oxide growth to over 25 um
        • Thickness: = 5%
        • Uniformity: = 2%
      • Thermal annealing for defect passivation
      • Metallization through sputtering
      • Nitride
      • Other specialty films upon request

SQI offers custom epitaxial layers on silicon wafers for development engineering runs to full volume production. Epi is offered on bare wafers, buried layer wafers and patterned wafers. Process

Process Capabilities

  • Diameters: 50mm – 300mm
  • Wafer Orientation: <100>, <111>, <110>
  • Epi thickness: 4um to 200um
  • Dopants: Arsenic, Phosphorus, Boron

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*Thin Films & Metal Sputtering


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