Every great organization is built on great people. SQI is a growing company looking for great people to fill vital roles. SQI has a dynamic and rewarding workplace with growth opportunities. In addition, SQI offers a competitive benefits package that includes medical coverage, dental, vision and 401k.



Sales Reps are the bridge between SQI and our diverse customer base. Are you details-oriented? Do you have great communication skills? Can you operate office software and learn to use new programs? Are you a motivated self-started? This position involves guiding clients through the process of purchasing SQI’s many products and services and ensuring the customer has a good experience. The position includes quoting, follow-up and working with a variety of co-workers to get the job done. This is a position with opportunity to work with a team and grow with the company.



Operators provide the hands-on talent to convert raw or partial materials into finished goods, suitable for use by the top technology firms in the world. Do you have mechanical abilities, a good eye for detail and product quality and the discipline to follow set procedures? Can you work in an organized fashion and take pride in a job well done? Can you work as a dependable member of a team? This position requires some lifting as well as English communication skills.


Other Opportunities…

SQI is always on the lookout for qualified candidates to fill a number of roles in our organization. Do you think SQI would be a good place for your skills? Try us.

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