A Full Service Technology Solutions Provider.

SQI was founded in 1991 to provide specialized services and products to the Semiconductor manufacturing industry. In the last 24 year the company has steadily grown revenue, capabilities and capacity. SQI now employs approximately 70 highly experienced professional in the Engineering and manufacturing field. The company head office and manufacturing facility is located in an 80,000ft building in San Jose’s technology park.

SQI is proud that it’s customers are some of the largest and well known companies in the Semiconductor industry.

SQI Service/Products

Wafer Finishing
  • Wafer Grinding
  • Wafer Polishing
  • Wafer Cleaning
Thin Film
  • Thermal Oxide
  • Metal Films
  • Epitaxial Process
Wafer Reclaim
  • Removal of Films
  • Laser Cutting
  • Wafer Polishing

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